Catch up

So, I need to catch up. Seriously, my life is slipping by and I haven't made much mention of what is going on. I am feeling refreshed, finally. It is amazing how run down you get...and fast.
             Well, I passed my special day....February 6th...and I thought of posting about it, but alas, I never got that far. The 6th was the year anniversary of my incredible weight loss journey. No diets, no gimmicks...just living life to the fullest. I was talking to my husband last night and I remember saying that I feel better today than I did when I was 18. WOW! If I only had known this before. I am truly and finally living. And it feels good. Just lots of healthy, yummy eating...and lots of lots of exercise. Voila! It was that easy....haha...not easy, but so doable. I am hoping to be at my goal weight by the end of the year. I have a 20th high school reunion coming up this fall...and I plan on buying a fabulous dress. And it is going to be a small size. That's the plan and I am sticking to it, lol. So, I am still pressing in...despite set backs, plateaus and periodic discouragement. Through all that, I CAN NOT ever go back to that fat girl. I am addicted to living...and that keeps me going. If you are in the same place that I was a year ago, today is your day. Make a change. Live today and every day after this to the fullest!!!!


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