Thursday, August 28, 2014


Making: Absolutely nothing...decided to order pizza tonight, which I haven't done in a long time
Drinking: Blackberry favorite drink...carbonated juice, the best alternative to soda
Reading: started, so my reading consumption is a bit low right now
Wanting: Autumn to come's my favorite season
Watching: Watched 19kids and counting that show
Eating: Nothing now, but pizza before
Smelling: A clean house...I love when my house is clean from top to bottom
Wishing: Probably not wishing, but praying...would love to adopt another child
Enjoying: Our new life in North Carolina
Loving: The beautiful summer we have had...goodness it's been delightful
Hoping: The insurance season goes hubby is in insurance
Needing: A ladies night out
Feeling: A little down today...doesn't happen often, but it's here
Wearing: You don't want to t-shirt and black athletic capris
Following: My favorite blogs
Noticing: That life goes by so fast
Bookmarking: Jacket shopping for William, he needs a winter coat

I got this list from one of my favorite Go check out her blog, she is sweet!  The picture is from yesterday when we went hiking...isn't this place dreamy??

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Adrienne said...

I love this list. What a great idea. Praying God moves on that "wish". Your family is so awesome. Any child would be blessed to call your home family. XO