Return of Me: 30 things about me!

Wow, it's been forever. So much has changed in my life in the past few years. I loved blogging a few years ago and then my life went on full speed ahead. And now I am back. I surely am not the person that I was just a few years ago. So, here are 30 things about myself that will get us reacquainted.

1. I am living back in Florida. Wow, how did that happen???

2. A door opened that we couldn't ignore in my husband's career and we took it.

3. I miss so much about NC, but at the same time I am at such peace here in Florida.

4. We have such a lovely home here in Florida.

5. We have a pool.

6. I have been living in my bathing suit.

7. The heat hasn't bothered me yet. (Maybe I shouldn't say that yet)

8. I am still married to the most amazing man...22+ years and counting.

9. Five kids in college...two in high school and two in middle school.

10. I don't miss the baby stage at all.

11. This season we are in is wonderful with the kids...we can have alone time and still have quality time with our kids.

12. I still love to write...I just have been out of practice.

13. I tutor kids with dyslexia. Judah was diagnosed 3 years ago and now I tutor other children. Judah can read wonderfully now.

14. I love tutoring. It is so rewarding to see the kids succeed.

15. We have the sweetest puppy, named Jack. And our adorable dachshund Holly.

16.  I have had the worst 1.5 years of my life after my mom died unexpectedly.

17. The worst ever is to have someone you love dearly die without notice.

18. I am still crawling out of the hole that I was in after her death. Grief has been the worst ever and you can't explain it until you are in it.

19. I dream about my mom almost daily, I miss her desperately and feel at such a loss. Though I know that she is with the Lord, I have to be honest and say that I would rather be selfish and have her here with us.

20. Because of this time of grief, I have become a different person. But this person is so molded, shaped and chiseled by the Lord. I know that I am more like him than ever and know that God's hand is over every bit of who I am today.

21. My favorite color is still yellow.

22. I love to drink Stawberry Acai refreshers from Starbucks.

23. My favorite date with Matthew is drinking at Starbucks by ourselves so we can just talk.

24. I still am a huge talker and I love to be around people.

25. I get energized by being around people.

26. I am in a new season with life and I see God making changes.

27. God told me to rest when we moved back here to Florida. No expectations.

28. I am enjoying the rest and am in anticipation of what is next.

29. I am 42 years, that seemed so old at one time.

30. I love to laugh and be around real people who are willing to impart in my life and for me to do the same.


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