It's Five o' the morning!

It's five o'clock and I have been up for an hour. I went to bed really early, still trying to recover from our packed-full weekend. I woke up and just prayed for my sons this morning...they are on my heart and I felt led to intercede for them and to stand boldly before the throne for them this morning. Due to my recent Daniel Fast, my prayer life has took on a whole new level. Yes, I have always prayed, but now it is different. I feel a greater need and desire to spend time with the love on Him, to worship Him and to share my heart. He is always ready and waiting for us.

William has a bug bite right above his eye from this weekend. Over the course of the last couple days, it got infected. It is the worst place to have an infection, because it can actually affect your eye sight. If it doesn't look better this morning, then we have to go up to Halifax to do IV antibiotics for him. Our whole family laid hands on him yesterday afternoon and at four this morning, I felt the need to do that again. I want my kids to know that I cared so much for them to spend some time in speak to the Father for intercede in their lives.

And my sweet Judah had an MRI on Friday. They were needing to check on a murmur that he has which he was born with. The cardiologist called last night and confirmed that he has a AV Fistula...a continuous murmur between an artery and a vein. We have a consult in a couple of weeks with a cardiothoracic doctor to talk about what they want to do. In the mean time, this mama will be interceding for him...believing for him...and standing up for him. I decided last night I am also going to fast one meal every day for him...during that time I will spend time in the word. If we don't' stand up for our seed, who will. So, if you think about us, join me in agreement for the healing of my sons. I will awake my miracle!


We'll be praying too. Jesus lives in that heart!

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