Checking in

Not much to post today...up very early this morning to make blueberry muffins for the kids for breakfast. And then we are off for the girls last swim team practice. The summer has gone by so fast...everyone is getting ready for school again. The girls had such a good time...making friends and really learning how to swim well. I am amazed on how much they really accomplished this summer. I think the girls swam enough laps to cross the Atlantic ocean! It's amazing. Other than that, I am just busy with work at the county as a lactation counselor...I went back to work there. It's been great, just a huge adjustment. And of course in the back of my mind, we have school coming soon too. We usually start in September-I am a true Northerner! So, for the next few weeks we are just enjoying the sun...and the last few days of summer. God has been good this the midst of all the change, he has shown his face!


Hi I'm Michelle said…
I made blueberry muffins for breakfast recently too!! yummy. We do need to connect, I'll text you next week and we'll connect :-)

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