My heart was racing....

So, I had my first amazing Ebay moment last night. I haven't gone on that website in is so easy to be hooked in and buying things that you wouldn't normally buy. But with the school year looming, I have been looking around trying to find the curriculum that I want this year for my kids. So, yesterday I put a bid on for a particular curriculum set for Bryn. The cost I put down was for 76.00. I had it set...only one other bid had been put in and it sat on my bid all day! Then, Matt says, "you probably should put in a maximum bid too...just in case you are not there when it goes through." At first, I said there isn't a need for that. But then I changed my mind and raised my bid to $85.55. I didn't want to go up too much...but I really wanted to win this. This set brand new goes for $160.00. This was a good deal.
After watching a movie last night with Matt I sat on the bed with the computer watching the Ebay site. All was good. Silent. No movement what so ever. minute before the end of the bidding. Slowly, the bids were going up a dollar every 10 seconds or so. It was getting close. I scrambled and raised my maximum bid. I did not want to lose this. It was too good of a deal. I was stressed...second by second. And then at the last second...I won...for only $82.00, which was under my original maximum bid. I actually felt my heart racing. I couldn't believe the feelings I had gone through in just a few minutes. I was so happy. I immediately paid for it...somehow in the back of my mind that person (who ever and where ever they may be) was going to slip back in and somehow buy my books. What an event for the night! Do you think I need therapy?


people totally do that too... wait until the last minute hoping the first bidder isn't watching and can steal it out from under you. Good job!!!
Hi I'm Michelle said…
therapy? no, not yet but you're close :-)

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