New Beginnings

Well, today is the first day that we are going to a new church. I hate doing this. I hate being the new people. I hate wondering if this is the place for us.
After 3.5 years at our home church before, we have decided to move on to a new Church. I miss our old friends and our pastors. I miss the word there. I miss their love. But I don't miss some of the things that we didn't agree with. I don't miss the conflict that it constantly caused within our family. I don't miss the reality that our daughter was never received. There are a variety of things I could say, but won't. It has been one of the hardest things I have ever has brought turmoil in my soul. But I am walking this out. This has been our season, our summer of change. Matt and I reevaluated what we believed and what we were part of... and did it truly go along with our core values. We decided this summer that if it didn't line up with our core values, then we couldn't be part of it. We are doing this to save our kids. The things that Matt and I have believed in for 16 years or more are coming to the forefront. It has been hard. Lots quiet and loud tears...lots of prayers. But my trust is in the arms are around the Father with rest. That's the place I am this morning.


Hi I'm Michelle said…
Seasons of change are part of this life. I will pray for you as you seek a new home church. God has you in His hand, may you continue to seek Him, follow Him and share on this blog :-)

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