Well, It Came....

My dreaded 35th birthday creeped up on me. I hated the thought of it...despised it...tried to deny it...but it still came. So, I guess I will accept the inevitable and live life to the fullest. I really feel like this year is a major milestone for me. I am in the process of making decisions that are going to change the rest of my life. I am choosing to make a difference...for me. Which will in turn change the lives of my loved ones for the better. So, I am pushing forward...charging ahead...nothing can stop me now!


Michelle said…
Welcome to 35 I will be leaving you soon to be 36 so lets enjoy a few weeks the same age. Since life is crazy sip something warm and think of me, I will do the same. You are precious, a Holy Saint and Daughter of The Most High King. I look forward to seeing your year. xoxo

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