Johnny Appleseed Day

Here's the whole gang, in front of the picture Daddy surprised them with that morning. They were looking forward to this day for over a week!

Judah and Esther trying to look like Johnny Appleseed....

Making our apple prints outside...the kids loved this part.

Here are Esther and Judah with friends Gloria and Aaron. They are coloring their Johnny Appleseed picture!

Every time I have a kindergartner come through our school, we have a Johnny Appleseed Day. It's a lot of fun...a time to learn about who John Chapman really eat yummy apple treats (homemade apple fritters and homemade applesauce)...make apple prints with lace up an apple card and color a special picture. The kids look forward to it so much, and I enjoy planning it for them.


Jessica said…
I love your Johnny Appleseed activities (especially Matt's artwork) are truly such a wonderful mother and teacher. I admire you!!!!

Love ya,

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