My Cry

I was watching a show on television the other day about this girl who is leading the "cry" in Canada. This is when a group of believers gets together and cries out to the Lord. They have specific things that they are praying and believing for. It was really cool to hear how God has responded...with major, radical changes in government, crime, the youth, etc. So, this got my heart stirring...I want the Lord to respond to me and my "cry." I know He hears my heart and my prayers. I know He loves us. And I know that He is moved by my faith.
I am crying out for my be a place of refuge, peace, joy, love and rest. May it always be a welcoming place and a comfort. May people be drawn to it and want to drink of it's cup.
I am crying out for my husband...may he always be leader of our home...may he lead our children in a Godly manner, showing them the ways of the Lord. May he be successful in the workplace and always prosper there. May the stress of this world bow down to the King of Kings in his life. May he have peace and rest.
I am crying out for each of my always know and serve the Lord. May they know Him as their own, personal saviour. May not one day go by with out their hearts being in sync with His. May they marry men and women who share this same joy and peace. May they strive to always hear the Lord and all that He has for them.
I am crying out for the unborn babies...that may not make it this week because of a lost mother who is unsure of her future. May there be a seed planted in her heart to carry her baby to term and give it a loving, adopting home if she is unable to care for the baby in a responsible manner.
I am crying out for all the mothers out want to be with their love, cherish and raise them. To want to nurse them and pour their lives into bake, cook, clean and play with them, and pursue their hearts.
As you go through your day, think about what your "cry" is. And watch God respond to your faith!


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