For Those Who Wait...

...they receive the reward. Or at least a lot of pumpkins. It's that time of year again, and the pumpkin patches have popped up all over town. Families have been visiting each day to pick out their pumpkins..for decorating, carving and eating. We went by a few weeks pick out our pumpkins to complete our fall decorations. We paid a small amount, but it's worth it for the kids. They love running up and down the rows to pick out their favorite pumpkin.
Well, tonight they close down the patch for the year. And there were a ton of pumpkins left. They told me to come on the last night and pick up. We showed up and got a ton of pumpkins...about 25 to cook down and about 10 for the goats to eat. All for awesome is that! There were still a ton left in good condition. So, you know what I will be doing in the next week. Cooking these down. The kids were yelling when we got home with our load, "pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie." There will be pie, bread, muffins and soup all year long. Thank you Lord for the blessings...and once again for the memories.


Superhero Mom said…
Love that whole pioneer woman thing you got goin' on sister! Wish I could be like that a little. Nice fall picture of the family!

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