A Date Upstairs

Being the mom of five kids has a lot challenges. I continually feel stretched between each one of them and their personal needs. Their needs range greatly...from the three year old tantrums to the thirteen year old ups and downs. And of course, with work, homeschool and house responsibilities it is hard to find special time for each of them. That's when you have to get a bit creative.
Matt and I started to plan special nights upstairs in our bedroom with one child by themselves. We pick a show that they would like to watch (which is super awesome, since they don't normally watch t.v shows), we make a bowl of popcorn (and one for them by themselves) and we sprinkle the popcorn with peanut M&M's (they get slightly soft and salty). Then we watch their show...which for William it was a home improvement show. We all sit on the bed...talk a little bit...and watch the show. It is literally an hour of our time, but to them it's so special.
Walking this role out as parents can be tricky and difficult...so we are continuously trying to be creative and fun with our kids. I know we are building memories for a lifetime.


Sarah B. :) said…
I think this is such an awesome idea!

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