Good Old Days

For the past month or so I have been doing water aerobics a couple times a week at our local YMCA. I have enjoyed it so much and have seen some results with weight loss. I know, most people associate water aerobics with old ladies. Yes, there are plenty of them there. Many actually. And a few old men too. Some are there to really work out...and many of them are just to hang out with their friends and talk. There are actually a few ladies who keep their backs turned to the instructor while she is teaching the class. Lots of the ladies hang out afterwards and chat. I guess these are the joys of retirement. No job to clock into and no kids to tend to.

Well, today I was standing there waiting for the instructor to start the class and a few of the ladies around me were talking...about the weather and the differences of hot and cold weather. The one lady was from Buffalo and she was talking about a lot of shoveling...and the other one was from Massachusetts...and she had an equal amount of snow. I just smiled at their thoughts, as I looked at the bright blue sky overhead. The music was about to start and one of the ladies said, "yeah, that was the good old days."

As I was starting to march and stretch my muscles, the thought came into my head...surely from the holy spirit and it said, " you are living your good old days." I pondered that for a minute. Whatever does that mean? And then I are right. One day, I will look back at all the hours spent with my kids. The days we spent beside the YMCA pool...all the swim team hours logged...the moments of frustration and weariness. All of this is what I will look back and remember. These memories will turn into warm and fuzzy feelings...just like they were recollecting about the time shoveling snow. Now, I am sure when they were in their parkas and snow boots they were not thinking, "I love shoveling snow. Look at how happy I am." But those were all them memories built up in their bank. And I am building up my memories in my bank. Which is why lately I have desired for life to be a bit enjoy the little share time with each of my know one day there won't be 14 loads of laundry, but probably only 2-3. All the big meals I prepare now will dwindle down to meals for Matt and I.

So, as you read this...think about your "good old days," that you are living. Enjoy them as much today as you will one day looking back.


Matthew said…
Wow! This really hit me today! We ARE living our good old days! I know that one day we will look back and remember all the busyness that a large family entails, but also all the memories it brings. Did I mention we would be remembering all this while sitting on the balcony of our retirement condo on the beach? I LOVE you Allison and look forward to many more old days!

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