Not Much To Say

Yeah right...when has that ever happened with me? I remember when I was little I used to pick silly things out of nowhere just so I could keep on talking.
It's quiet in my house right now and it's only eight o'clock. The kids are in bed and it is almost dark outside. We have another swim meet tomorrow morning, so we have to be out the door a few minutes before seven o' we can drive to Deltona and find a prime spot for our canopy. The canopy is for Matt...he is so fair skinned and burns so easily. It actually makes the meet very enjoyable...we hang out and wait for our girls to compete and we don't get overly hot (which is difficult to do in the recent sweltering heat).
In my devotions this morning I was reading a whole packet of scriptures about hope and the unfailing love of our God. It was so comforting to read...our hope is in him. Not our jobs, our kids, our houses or our finances...but in Jesus. He is the only thing that remains true. And the other day I was reading in a book that I have been slowly pushing though and it was saying how we need to give ourselves "wholeheartedly!" I love when I read that. It brought goosebumps to my arms. Because that word truly represents my feelings towards him. I, at age 11, gave myself wholeheartedly to him. And he, despite my stupid mistakes, has always given wholeheartedly to me. It's one of those thoughts that brings total peace to my life. He has always taken care of me. Without absence. I love that. Ponder these thoughts for the next few days. God is stirring some things in my spirit. I feel a real breakthrough in me...from this place I have been in for the past year. I am excited to see what He has in mind.


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