School Supplies...Big Family Style

Yeah, this is almost all of it. Not including curriculum, of course. Matt and I went on yearly school supply shopping trip (this is actually his first year, but not mine) the other night. I had been planning it out...anticipating the is my favorite time of the year (other than Christmas and Thanksgiving)!!!! I love to shop for school supplies. It brings me total joy to buy new boxes of crayons and tons of unsharpened #2 pencils. I must admit that I would rather school supply shop than to look for new shoes or clothes. I think it is just from all the warm memories of growing up in NY...and the anticipation of fall coming...and new school clothes and a whole new season. I know I am funny...
So, here is what I got. Tons of pencils (125 to be exact), 15 boxes of crayons (yes, and there will only be broken bits by the end of the school year), six bottles of glue and 12 glue sticks, four 1.5 inch binders, lots of construction paper, makers, colored pencils and a whole new filing system (thanks to Tapestry of Grace and all of it's curriculum changes). I am very excited and now have to bring everything together. Lesson plans will be made this next week, and I still have a few books to buy for the first 9 week literature section. So, as we still enjoy our next few weeks of time in the sun and the back of my mind are lesson plans and new books ;)


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