Gratitude Friday

Oh my, I can actually say that I am so glad that this week is over.  It has been long.  It has been very long. It has been a week since we got rid of our books and started summer...and it has been a fiery crash down.  I guess my kids are so used to structure and lots of it.  We have had more arguments, fights, and misbehavior in the last week...and this mama is feeling a little crazy.  Glad to be done with this week and move into our full summer mode.  At least the kids will know what to expect each day and may not want to tear the face off of their sibling.  So, in response to my week of anguish I want to say something I am thankful for each of my kids :)  I will call it my therapy.

1. Bryn-How lovely you are.  I am thankful for your joy, exuberance and your funky personality. I see things in you that I never was able to blossom into at age 15.

2. Caleb-I am thankful that you are so helpful. You are the first to open a door, pick something up or clean up toys.  I see a true gentleman in there emerging.

3. Esther-You are such a delight.  I am thankful for your simple sweetness and gentleness.  I wish I  had more of it.  You are such an example.

4. William-I am thankful for your creative, ever-churning mind.  You never sit still for a second, but that's what makes you special.  Your way of thinking is awesome.

5. Judah-My boy. My baby boy.  I am so thankful for your determination and your strength.  God will take you so far with bring a smile this mama's face so easily.


Becca said…
Hi Allison! I just followed the link to your blog from the Tapestry of Grace site. I'm in Brooksville - -and I think we might be kindred spirits! My blog has the exact same background! LOL! Anyway -- I wanted to say that I appreciated this post and how sincerely you love your kids! We hung up our school schedules, too - and I know what you mean about how the kids don't know how to handle their free time very well! I hope you enjoy your summer! I will e-mail you to ask you a few questions about the Tapestry curriculum if you don't mind! Blessings, Becca

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