Update for the Week

So...my blog is slow.  It's very slow.  Slower than I like it. It's my fault.  My posts have been few and far between.  And part of the problem is that I am just living life.  A very full life I might add.  To keep you up to date, I am posting a few pictures from the past week.  Above you can see a creation Esther made with a friend at the beach this week.  Super cool.
 William, having a blast as always in the sand.  He loves the beach. The kids stayed up by me mostly this week, because of a small tropical disturbance (named Debbie) that was making the surf a bit rough.  So more sand time than water time. It's never too early to teach water safety :)
 My little Judah bear acting crazy at the beach.  He loves going.  Sadly we have had rain almost every weekend, so it we haven't had much time at the beach with Dad.
 Here is Esther displaying her work of art.  She is in the Art Aces and enjoyed a little craft time.  Which of course is right up her alley...she is my craft girl, for sure.
While Esther does art, the boys are at the Lego club...and loving every minute of it.  They got one whole hour of uninterrupted play time with the legos.  A boys dream.
 William showing off his work for the week, which would be displayed in the library this week.

And of one my favorite parts of the week.  I spent the whole day at the spa with my best friend.  A little pedicure in the morning and then sitting by the pool the rest of the day.  Fantabulous!!!! It couldn't have been nicer weather, temps and time.  We ate a lovely salad by the pool, read a book, and got in the hot tub and the pool throughout the day.  I could do this every week:) Thanks so much to my love.


Michelle said…
Slow blog, busy days- sounds like you're enjoying it.

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