Running Update

So there are some awesome advantages to running...especially running so early in the morning.  This is what I got to watch this morning as I ran.  It was beautiful and totally inspiring.  To see this so early in the morning just brings such peace.  I didn't actually take the picture.  My daughter Bryn was running with me and she stopped to snap it. You just couldn't let it go by without documenting it.
Well, it's been a month since my first 5k.  Can you believe it?  It's so crazy when you wait for something so much and then you blink and it's been gone for a month.  I am still running.  Three days a week to be exact. I am still loving it.  Yes, some mornings it is hard to get up.  But I really don't mind.  It's all for this new life I am living.  I think it's hard sometimes because it's summer time and this is when we are supposed to sleep in...right? Not here at the Reynolds Nation. I am up every morning at 5:15. My plan as of now is to run my first 10k in November. I am running 4 miles three days a week now...but I need to seriously increase that.  So, I will be working on time and distance the next 5 months!
I am running three days a week...two days cross training and three days doing water aerobics.  Yeah, I know....laugh. I am in the pool with the old ladies.  But that's okay.  Because one hour of water aerobics can actually burn up to 500 calories.  That is so worth it to me.
Update on the weight loss...66 pounds!!!! I am rocking this and loving it.  I feel like I have a whole new body.  A dear friend of mine also told me to start measuring not to get bummed during the times that the pounds weren't coming off.  Well, just in the past month...I have lost 30 inches off my body!!!! Wahoo!  An inch here, and inch there sure adds up.  So, what are you doing to get fit and live healthier?


Superhero Mom said…
Wahoo is right girlfriend! Congrats!

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