Welcome Summer!

Welcome Summer! Yes, I know we are a few weeks from the official start of summer...but you know in Florida, summer actually starts around mid-April...and some years it literally is all year long.  But that's another post, right? We are in full summer mode now.  School is done. The books are being put away. School schedules have been thrown out the window.  And now we are jumping right into the summer schedule.  But what does this schedule look like?
I have been thinking about this for days.  And my heart want to make this a summer of purpose. I want to have an idea of what I want to conquer over the next three months.  I don't want the months to just drift by and then all of a sudden it is time for school again.  That is very easy to do.  And I will be one very unhappy mama...most likely because my kids will probably fight and argue all summer long.  So, I am making a loose schedule out for the kids and I. I don't want to be crazy about the schedule...especially since I am quite the stickler for the schedule during the school year. Just enough written down so I know what I want to do and complete.  I have some good ideas in my head.  Here is what I was thinking so far:
-A bible study of the book of Acts for me and the teenager.
-One afternoon a week work on science experiments with William (the others can enjoy too, but science is William's thing).
-Go through several chapter books with me reading to the kids.
-Read every day with William.
-Go to the local museum at least twice.
-Go to the free movie every week (as long as the movie is appropriate).
-Hit the beach a minimum of once a week.
-Organize one area of my house once a week (had to put that in).
-Swim team of course.
-Water aerobics a few times a week to add to my workout schedule.
-Work on the kids work from their children's church class.
-Go to the library every week.
How does this sound?  Yes, I may not get it all done and I would love to add some things.  What are you up to? Any ideas? I really would love to hear your input here!!!


Becca said…
sounds really great! BUT, don't knock yourself out if you don't get it all done. Summer really is a time to refresh and get ready for a new school year -- so you don't want to wear yourself out! ;)

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