Marathon Week

Well, I have been missing again all week. Not intentionally, folks. I had good thoughts of coming on here and blogging. I promise. But the week just got crazier and crazier...and now it's Sunday. And we wonder why time goes by so fast.
School started back again. And that's a big adjustment. After only just a week off, the kids are totally in a different element. And the weather is getting nicer. So the thought of being stuck inside isn't very fun. But we must continue, right? So, the first couple days was a rough adjustment. Nobody wanted to stay on task and my little Judah bear would have rather been elsewhere. But we stuck through and finished. This week's reading was exceptionally long too, which made it hard to muck through.
Then on Wednesday morning (very, very early) I got a call for one of my ladies who I will be assisting in their labor. Well, she was in labor. So, start this marathon day. First call, at 1:55 am...home from the hospital at 9:30 pm. The day was fantastic. The birth was beautiful. But I was tired. And the best part (haha, if you want to call it that)....was Matt went to Miami for three days for business. Well, that left this very tired mama alone with five kids. Oh my!!! On Thursday I thought I was spinning. My head that is. Back to the grind after the grueling day before. AAHHHH!!!!
By Friday I was whipped. One of my boys was really pushing it with their behavior. With dad gone it's a lot easier to try to get away with bad behavior. And the kids try to push it. And I was tired. When he came home on Friday, I was ready to deposit all the kids on his lap and take a siesta.
Anyway, it's Sunday and I am trying to get ready for the upcoming week. Lots planned as always, but at least my hubby is home and I don't have any births planned for this week. Hope you all are good. Anything keeping you extremely busy lately???


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