Will She Be Crowned?

Had to post a picture that Matt took yesterday. Last week, during the hive inspection...it was confirmed that the Western Hive lost their Queen in the ant attack from a few weeks ago. Matt is still new at all this and is learning so much each day...he really has taken a lot of time to research and seek out information. So, Randy(who was doing the inspection with him) and Matt decided to take a frame out of the thriving Eastern Hive and put it in the Western Hive. So, since then (Saturday), the worker bees are raising up a Queen (or four, I guess it depends on who is the strongest). That's what that Golden sac is on the comb above. Matt is very excited. But now, he has to wait four weeks before the next hive inspection...I guess new queens can be a bit fickle and can leave if messed with. So, lots of prayer for our little hive (I won't be doing any laying on of hands, lol, too risky). The Eastern Hive is doing really well...more comb and lots of busy bee work going on. This has been the most awesome experience for us...and I can't wait for the kids to see and experience more of it. Hope you have enjoyed the updates.


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