$42.00 and some change...

Forty-two dollars and some change. What could that possibly be for? A dinner out for 4? 1/3 tank of gas in my expedition? No...that money went for a trip to the movies to watch Cars 2 for two of my kids and my husband! Twenty-eight for entry, $11.75 for popcorn and one soda, and three dollars for candy (from Dollar General). Now, some of you may not be shocked. But I was!!!
How crazy to charge that much money for two children and one adult to have 2 hours of entertainment (actually only one hour and 53 minutes)? We don't go to the movies very often. And honestly except for a $1 movie two summers ago, Judah has never been to the movies. My kids will usually go with their Nana for a special outing. We just have always thought it was ridiculous to spend that much money. So, as a special treat my husband took the two boys...cut the cost down...only take a few of the kids who would really enjoy it. I told Matt we could have bought the movie twice on DVD and still have had change left over.
But the real issue here...why do we allow this to happen? The movies used to be a fun, family outing that was easily affordable. What would happen if we boycotted the movie industry...made a demand for lower prices? Yeah, I know it will never happen...but it should. It is insane for us to pay these prices. Now, I know this family will not be doing too many movie trips. I refuse to feed the machine. We will continue to entertain our kids with outdoor, fun outings. We spent less than half at the springs the week before for a family of 7 to enjoy the whole day. It's time for America to take a look at what we are pouring our money into. It's time for a change.


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