Amazing Week

I have been missing in action for a few days. It has been one of those weeks!!! My husband is a trainer for Blue Cross Blue Shield...and this was his training week. Which means long hours and a very tired husband. He does a fabulous job at what he does and I am so proud that he is such a hard worker.

As you know, swim team and swim lessons started this week...which means early mornings at the pool with five kids...and two long days at the pool because swim lessons follow the morning swim team session. It is a busy morning...trying to get the kids out the door...milk the goat, make yogurt...and have some sense of order. It definitely kicked my butt this week.

On Tuesday night I took the kids roller skating. We haven't gone in two years, and I figured it was a great summer activity to do with the kids. Well, as you can see by the picture wasn't the most fruitful night. My little Esther, who barely knows how to skate, fell and used her hand to stop the fall...which in the mean time broke her wrist. Not too bad of a break, but still a break. It is the first broken bone at the Reynolds Nation...we have gone 14 years of kids and no broken bones. Thankfully, the orthopedic doctor put a waterproof cast she will be back at swim team on Monday morning.

So, it was just one of those weeks. Appointments to the orthopedic doctor, one dentist appointment, one very long ER visit...I am beat. We were supposed to relax and enjoy the beach yesterday, but I didn't have the energy in me to go. So, relax today and I am planning on having a relaxing week (whatever that means)!!!


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