A Whole Lot of Splashing Going On!!!

And there is my baby Judah...on his first day at swim lessons. He is finally ready. A.J. his teacher, has been around our kids for years. I can't believe Judah is ready to swim. Judah has always been a little hesitant in the pool, but finally is mature enough for swim lessons. He did great on his first day.

Here are our participants for our local swim team...Bryn and Esther...ready to enhance all their strokes and become stronger swimmers. They have been waiting, ever-so patiently for swim team to start. It should be a great summer, and we are ready!

William swimming to A.J. at his swim lessons. Though William can finally swim, I thought the lessons would strengthen his ability and introduce him to the strokes. I anticipate him being on the swim team next year!


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