First Place

I snapped this picture of Bryn just moments after she got her first, 1st place ribbon! She received it for back stroke at our swim meet today. What a happy moment for her and for us! This is coming from a girl who would have dropped out the first 2 weeks of swim team last year if I had let her...and now she loves it and swims extra laps when she can. Last year she didn't do so well in the competition...I think it was just from inexperience and because she was gaining strength. This year...she was ready to kick some butt! Funny thing about this whole experience...when her coach told her the other day that she was swimming back stroke, she was so upset. She considers it her worst stroke...the one that she struggles with the most. And now, she was able to overcome any fear and anxiety over it...time to set her mind to something and doing her absolute best. Kind of like what we should be doing with life. When life doesn't give us exactly what we's time to kick some butt. A little life lesson from my daughter this morning.


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