Gratitude Friday

Praise Him this morning! What a beautiful day. Despite all the smoke outside (we have so many fires going here in Florida) and the hot, humid weather (it is supposed to be 90 today with equal humidity levels) is a great day to be alive! Even with all the stress in this world, it feels good to be alive and well. I am so thankful this morning for so many things...

1. For the little blond curls that just pressed into my side with a little grin attached to him.

2.For all the pool time that uses all of my kids this mommy a break.

3. For my fantastic husband who is the world's greatest dad. He loves our kids so much...sacrifices so much for them. I look forward to celebrating him this weekend.

4. For the summer time...where there is more free time and freedom from schoolwork :)

5. For God teaching me to step out in faith in the first step before I ever see the next step.


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