Beautiful night...

Last night the family came over and we had a beautiful bonfire outside on the property. The kids gathered sticks in the pasture and Matt's brother brought a load of firewood. Though the weather didn't cooperate (it was 82 degrees here yesterday), we still had a lovely night. The kids roasted marshmallows and we made smores. I think they each ate a ton of the lovely white creations...which they needed to keep up with their pace. Despite it being so dark out the kids ran all around the property and played with their two younger cousins. It was a relaxing evening with the family.
Afterwards, I wrapped a ton of gifts. Though we only got the kids three presents, it seemed like so much. Matt sat there and talked to was a nice time. This morning I am making our traditional homemade apple fritters and plan on having a lovely day. This is the first year that we will not be going to Grandma's on Christmas 92 she moved to Uncle Scott's house about 2 hours away. A tradition that has been here for decades is gone. Kind of sad, and hard to have change. But God is making some new traditions here at the Reynolds Nation. He is faithful to replace what is gone. God is good. Happy Merry Christmas Eve!


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