Busy Week

I have been missing in action again...so busy with the holiday. Though the last few weeks have been slow and relaxing, this last week seems to be super busy. On Sunday we spent the whole afternoon with Matt's family. The kids decorated gingerbread cookies...an annual event...and we hung out with the family. The weather was perfect and the kids had a great day together. Lots of swinging on the swings, running and just playing. Though my mother in law had movies set for them, they never sat still long enough to watch them. Which is a good thing, right? I would much rather have my kids play outside then sit in front of the tube. Though I am thankful for the backup plan.
On Monday the kids had their homeschool Christmas party...here at our house. They had fun making a craft and eating with friends. Once again we had a movie planned (polar express, a favorite) but the kids wanted to be outside. So they played, and played, and played...and were full of sugar from lots of cookies. On Monday night I went out and did my final shopping with my mom. That was fun, and I introduced her to my favorite burger joint, Five Guys. Of course she loved it and was a fun night. Yesterday i had a a busy day with Caleb, taking him for his routine psych appointment...that's another post with lots of good news. It is all consuming going to the appt. because I drive 200 miles...but this doctor is worth it. And then we ended the night with a Christmas party at our church...which was fun for all of us and full of yummy food.
So, as you can see it has been a busy few days...and it doesn't get any quieter anytime soon. We are gearing up for our big trip up north and of course Christmas for five kids. I hope your days are going well...and I am sure busy too. I will be back soon.


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