Gratitude Friday

What a beautiful time of the year. Despite the warm weather, it has been such a delightful season. I am loving this time...speckled with a few activities, but mainly just time together. Simply Delightful!
1. I am so grateful for the advent calendar that I made for us. It has forced us to slow down a bit and anticipate a fun activity to do together. It has been wonderful for our family.
2. I am thankful that the medicare season is over and Matt will be back to his regular schedule...though the financial bonus will be great, the stress level for him was way too high.
3. I am thankful for little voices that float through my house all day. They bring life to this house.
4. I am thankful for only one more week of school. So ready for a nice, long break.
5. I am so thankful for our future trip to Tennessee...just 18 days away. I can not wait.

Have a great Friday everyone. Be blessed in this beautiful season!


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