It's Monday...if you haven't noticed.

Well, it's Monday again. It always seems to sneak up on me. I wish the weekends would go slower...they always seem to go by so fast. It was an enjoyable weekend. After our Friday night date with the boys, we were at our local parade early the next morning. The kids look forward to it so much...I think more for the candy rather than the actual parade. I think we collected (no joke) about 25 pounds of candy. Not so good for the teeth or the it will be distributed out slowly. It was a nice time for some of the family to get together and to meet up with old friends.
Then on Saturday night we met up with another family and had a yummy pizza one of my favorite pizza joints. And then we headed over to a local church who did a "Walk Through Bethlehem" production. You actually walk through the town of Bethlehem...or at least what it would have looked like. It feels so real and the kids loved it. I loved going by the temple and seeing the priests with their hats and breastplates...which looked just like the ones we had made for our history project...I got a few wide eyes from the kids! Anyway, it was a great weekend. Looking forward to the next few weeks. Love this season!


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