First 5K!!!!!!

What an awesome weekend! It will go down in the book of awesomeness! After 9 weeks of training, I completed my first 5K! Yes me! Can you believe it? This coming from a person who never ever ran.  I am so excited.  I had a challenge in front of me and I took and ran...literally!    

Bryn trained with me also.  Here she is with Matt after she ran the 3.1 miles. We are so proud of her!

 Here Bryn is running...right before the end of the race.  She did a great job training and preparing for the race..even when she was on vacation!

 Here are some picture of my cheering crowd! They were there at the end of the race and they met me half way through and cheered me on. I was so excited to see them at the halfway point...more motivation to keep on running!
Here I am at the end of the race with Matt...all sweaty and hot.  Thankfully Tropical Storm Beryl was out on the Atlantic, so the day was nice and overcast. Perfect for me, since I normally train at six in the morning...I am not used to the shining sun. I am so thankful for Matt...he was so supportive of me the whole way through my training!
 Here I am with Bryn, and Marilyn (Alison my other training partner was out from an injury) before the race.  We trained together for 9 weeks...through good days and bad days...mornings where we barely could get up and days where we were hurting bad.  I am so proud of all of us.  What a huge accomplishment!


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