William at Work

Matt anticipated being the only one in the office this Friday, so he made plans to bring one of the kids to work with him. Fridays are slow anyway, especially the day before a holiday weekend.  All the kids have gone with him at one time or another...they love going with him.  William hasn't gone in a long time, so Matt told him in the beginning of the week that it was his turn. William was so excited...he started counting down the days and talking about it like crazy.  Yesterday, Matt reminded him that he needs to wear a professional outfit.  Oh my, I could see the wheels turning in his head.  He thought about it ALL day and when daddy got home they picked out this outfit.  I think it took me longer to iron William's shirt than Matt's shirt...lol!  So, they just headed out this morning.  I love that Matt takes the time to do this.  He always makes each child feel so special.  It really is just about the little things. Happy Friday everyone! It's race weekend for me...if you think about me, say a prayer.  I am so excited.  Will give you an update after the race :)


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