Have I Disappeared??

Okay, so I feel like I have been on sabbatical or something.  I am still here, I promise.  I hate not posting much.  It just seems like an extremely busy season lately.  We have been finishing up our school year...subjects are finishing up and we have lots to get done. We will be officially done with school in 2 weeks.  I am so ready and so are the kids.
  My 5k training is still in full swing.  I am exactly a week away from running my first 5k.  I am so excited...I can't believe that I have come this far.  It has been an incredible, exciting journey and I have loved every moment of it. This is my last week of training and I am running 30 minutes three days a week.  I feel great...my body has responded so well to it.  And after this week I will be starting my training for a 10k.  I feel like I have found my niche, you know what I mean?
Our oldest, Bryn, left for Washington D.C. on Friday night with her Nana.  They went by train to tour the city.  So, the last two weeks have been full of prep for that.  Lots of packing, buying needed things and finishing up school work.  Since we aren't done with school yet, she had to be done with her main subjects before going.  So, she worked like crazy to meet that goal...which she did!  It is the first time she has left us for more than a day or so...this is a whole new experience for us.  Though she is with a trusted family member, it is totally weird not having her here with us.  I think it may be a long week.
Other than that, we are gearing up for summer...lots of beach time, pool time (we will have 3 swimming on the local swim team this year) and relax time.  So, don't think I am out..I will be back this week with lots of photos and fun writings from the Reynolds Nation.


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