Hive Inspection...with Some Yummy Goodness

Matt went out yesterday for a bee inspection.  The bees have been incredibly busy...there has been a definite flow going on here in Florida.  Every day we watch the bees taking off and disappearing.  They have to be some of the most interesting creatures every created. Here is Matt by the two hives with frames laid out on the table.  He does so good...he never has been stung outside with our hives.

 On the second hive, it was flowing with honey.  Matt took one of the frames out and the comb broke off because of the weight of it.  The honey just started to ooze out.  I had to hurry and grab a large bowl to put it in.  It was amazing to see how much honey was stored in this one frame of comb.
 Matt pushed all the honey out the comb and started to strain it in our kitchen.  What a sticky mess, but well worth it.
 Here is my man, showing off his pure goodness.  He worked hard for this first quart.  Lots of inspections, time, money and patience.  There should be plenty more later this summer.
 Doesn't it look beautiful in the sun.  So awesome! I am proud of Matt!


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