1/2 Sized

Yesterday I took advantage of a great sale at a local clothing store. I do love to shop now, which I never really did before. I liked to shop, just not for myself. It isn't fun to shop when you are fat...plain and simple. Well yesterday there was a 50% off clearance sale.  How can you miss that, right? I took two of my boys with me (isn't that a blast..two of my kids who hate shopping) and we headed out.  I pulled a variety of things off the rack and had fun trying everything on. Well, I was able to go down in another size again. It feels so fantastic. And the coolest part is that I am half the size that I was in clothing from when I started in February. I can not even believe it. How is that possible? I feel so incredible. I can't remember seeing the numbers that I am wearing now. It's been so long...way into my teens I am sure.  So, there is my progress report.  Feeling very fabulous. And looking it to ;)


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