The Bounty

Advent calendar activity for Sunday was to make cookies. And make A LOT OF THEM!!!! A week ago our advent calendar activity was to choose our cookies...which was fun. We pulled out my recipes and the kids got to choose what they wanted to bake. Here is what they chose:

Bryn-sugar cookies with icing (they are not iced here yet)
Caleb-Chocolate thumbprints with Nutella or raspberry jam filling
Esther-Oatmeal raisin
William- Pinwheels
Judah-Thin mints

This was a huge task to undertake. 5 kids...5 cookies...1 day!!! But we did it. The kids had fun with Matt and I. Caleb did a fantastic job...he doesn't have much experience in the kitchen, but he was an expert on making his thumbprint in the cookie, while I was behind him filling up the thumbprint.
It was just a great day. The kids munched on their leftover gingerbread houses, played outside on their bikes and on the swing set and we baked like crazy. I think the thought is, you can make the Christmas season overtake you...or you can actually enjoy every moment with your family and walk it out peacefully. That's how this season has been for me. The countdown we deliver all these cookies :)


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