Christmas Week in Snapshots

Christmas Eve...we snapped this picture of all the loveliness. The four kids were getting kayaks for Christmas...and  you can see the wheel for Bryn's new bike to the left. Looking at all the hard work from the past few months is awesome. And the thought of them coming out the next morning brings chills to my body.
And of course we had to try out the kayaks..despite the water being incredibly cold. When I touched the water for the first time that morning I couldn't believe how cold it was. The water was perfect...planned by God. It was really glassy, which was perfect for beginners. The little kids tethered to our kayaks and William and Bryn were off by themselves. William was a total natural out there, like he had been kayaking all his life.
Two days after Christmas we took a short camping trip...and I am thankful it was short because it was so cold. here Bryn and Kelsey (Bryn's friend) are helping Matt set up the tent. I just relaxed and watched.
My little bubba gave me a quick smile...which is hard to get sometimes from this little munchkin.
Caleb watching Matt set the campfire. It was Caleb's favorite spot...the warmest around:)

 There is another smile from the little boy. We were warm by the fire...before the sun set.
Edward joined us on the camping trip...which was a first for him. He did really good protecting Esther and our campsite.
You can see how cold it is...Matt jacket had ice all over it. It hit 29 degrees...which is a bit too cold for this Mama. Matt was happily making a yummy breakfast of bacon, eggs and potatoes. He is a great cook!
Had to include this one...isn't he adorable? He thought the chair was his.

We went down really early to the springs to see the Manatees. The kids stood still for one second for me. This was the first time we had ever been there to see the Manatees. What an awesome you shouldn't miss if you are here in Florida.

Here is a picture of some of the Manatees. They flock down to the springs on these cold mornings for the warmer water. The Park Ranger said that there were about 300 down there that morning. Amazing!
Yesterday we met up with Matt's side of the family and had a dinner at a local restaurant. It is the one time we get together each year. I didn't take many pictures, because I was just enjoying the time together. But I had to include this one...isn't she a beauty.
So, that's our Christmas week in a nutshell. Hope yours was awesome. I am sad to see it slip past us, but at the same time I am ready for 2013. Happy New Year!


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