My Little Roo...sweet girl!

See my poor girl.  This is her this morning waking up after a horrific evening.  On a bike ride yesterday she took a dive off of her bike and broke her arm in two places...both the ulna and radius have a break. I was riding in front of her and William in front of me...and all of a sudden I heard a huge crash.  When I looked back I could see the bend in her arm immediately.  I knew it was bad right away. Matt was by our side in just moments after a quick phone call (I actually almost left my phone at home, thank God that I didn't). And after a rough night at the hospital, we were home again. Thankfully, no surgery. The doctor was able to put the break back together again under a x-ray machine. It was incredible technology. Thankfully, she was sedated during the procedure. Now, we are looking at 6 weeks in a cast after this soft cast is taken off. If you think of my girl, say a prayer for her...for quick and good healing. Thanks!


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