Seasonal Book of the Year

I have to write about our advent calendar event yesterday. It's a bit of a tradition around here at the Reynolds Nation.  It's that time of year where we pull out our favorite Christmas book, "The Small One." I heard about this book many years ago when I was watching Regis and Kathie Lee...that's tell you how long it's been. Because Kathie Lee has been off the show for a decade or so.  Anyway, she promoted this book one Christmas and I happened to stumble upon it when I was at the Christian book store when Bryn was a baby.
I won't tell you the whole story, but it's about a boy who has a donkey, named Small One. And this little boy loves Small One.  And he has to sell this donkey under his father's orders because Small One isn't keeping up with his work.  Well, a special someone comes to buy Small One and takes a place in history....
This story makes me cry every time.  It is so sweet and brings you back to the reason for the season. If you haven't read this, take some time to look it up and read it to your kids :) It's a tradition that I hope will pass to my grandkids.


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