Embrace the Camera

 I forgot to add this picture from last week. My best friend had her 6th baby and I got to be there for the joyous birthday. Introducing Kinsley Noelle...what a cute baby. Love being a doula and able to share these moments with families.
 Hot and sweaty...that's what this picture can be called. William and I on our run the other morning. He is the only one training for the 5k with me now, because the girls have some injuries. But William is persevering. This was the first day with a longer run...and we were feeling it. Love these moments with my kids :)
And Me. Plain and simple. Feeling really good about myself and this incredible journey that I am on. I could shout from the rooftops most days. I have never, ever, ever felt this fantastic. God is so good! 105 pounds down and counting...
Now head over and check out Emily and her crew embracing the camera. What an amazing family they are...keeping it real.


Ruth V. said…
You look awesome! Congratulations on your weight loss. God is definitely GOOD!
Jacci said…
105 pounds!!!! :) woot to the woot! Praising God with you for the awesome progress!!!
Heidi said…
Wow, you look great! So awesome that your son runs with you :)
Erika said…
105 lbs? You're amazing! Keep it up!

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