Monday Muses

So, Monday. Hello. How are you? Haven't seen you in awhile...about 7 days to be exact. Yes, I wasn't really looking forward to you. But that's okay. Now that you are here you are being quite pleasant to me. Thanks, I appreciate it. The kids are on the porch already playing with their legos. Making a new house to go on the table there. They are usually very specific. With lots of furniture, people and all the extras you expect in a house. We had an easy school day. Lots of reading (and of course all the other stuff math, phonics, science). We are in the age of Elizabeth I...lots of Shakespeare, Catholicism and Queens. We have been reading Shakespeare for weeks now...the kids have got a kick out of it. Laughing at the silly stories...and being very confused at times because of the story lines. Today was "A Midsummer Night's Dream." A very confusing story...that seemed very silly in the end. The kids looked at me with weird faces. Oh well, they will get it again in a few years. And again and again. And one day they may understand too? Not much went on over the weekend. Relaxing? Yes. Lots of time together? Yes. We didn't get to kayak because Matt was busy working on his new car. He bought his mom's car and he was detailing it over the weekend. Next weekend the forecast is for the low 60' I don't think we will be hitting the river for a few weeks. So, what else? Nothing new. Planning a little party/scavenger hunt for Matt's birthday. That looks like it will be fun. We had a progressive dinner party for our homeschool teens over the weekend. That was A LOT of fun. The kids had a blast and so did the parents who were the escorts. Watched a bit of Downton Abbey last night. Matt started watching with me...but he hasn't watched any of the other seasons, so he is a bit lost. He keeps interrupting and telling me he doesn't know who or what something is. So many story lines to keep up with. Have you been watching the series? It is quite addictive. So, what's up with you? Anything new? Keep me posted.


Aleatha said…
I love how you adressed Monday!

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