Virtual 5K

I know, when I saw the words "virtual 5k" I thought it was kind of weird too. I had images of me just running in my mind, not actually running. Running on the computer? Well, over at my favorite blog,, Katie was going to celebrate her 31st birthday. And what way would you want to celebrate your 31st birthday? Running a 5k of course...3.1 miles for 31 years...with almost a 1000 of your closest friends spread all over the globe. Lol.
Everyone signed up and and agreed to run/walk 3.1 miles in honor of her birthday. She even made the cutest bibs to print out and wear...which William and I proudly did. Today we headed out in nice weather (about 50 degrees) and ran our miles. And it was a good felt good. And it felt even better knowing that so many other people were out there running too.
What a great way to celebrate the day! It felt great! Happy birthday Katie...thanks for being such an inspiration!!!


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