What's Going On...

 This is my favorite picture ever....Kayaking big family style...This was us on Sunday afternoon. It was so beautiful out. The weather was about 75 degrees (I know, it is January) and we were out with all the kids in the kayaks. We saw dolphins galore ( a few jumped by the kids kayak, only about 4 feet away)...and we went down the river for a few miles. It was such a glorious afternoon. We could not have had a better day.
 A few minutes together while the kids played on the island in the middle of the river. Love this man!
 Yes, our kids are crazy. The water was so COLD!!!! But they were in the water, swimming like crazy. Not me, that's for sure. I stayed on the island and snapped pictures. Even so, it was so much fun. We are looking forward to warmer weather (and warmer water) when we can take a picnic lunch out to the islands and swim for hours at a time.
And last, but certainly not least, our little Roo had her cast taken off this week...after almost 2 months of having a cast on her broken arm. I wrote this on it right before it was cut off. I truly love her always...and she will always be my little Roo!!!


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