Friday, How I Love Thee...

One of my first thoughts at five this morning (when my eyes first opened) was...Thank God it's Friday. After a busy school week with 5 kids, I look forward to the end of the week. Matt will be home for the weekend and I don't have school to do. Lovely. Today we actually have co-op and then the worth waiting for.
Now, don't think that I don't like homeschooling my kids. I love it. I truly do. It is one of my favorite things in the world and I think daily how blessed I am to do it. But this year has been harder. Five kids under my care in regard to their schooling. They stretch me totally. They demand so much of my attention. It is hard...point blank. There are times where I have 5 pairs of eyes staring at me waiting (not as patiently, I might add) for their turn (and they are usually holding a book that they have to show me which adds to the intensity). And then there is Judah. I was thinking yesterday that I truly have met my MATCH. He is his own story. He is STUBBORN. He thinks one way and it is hard to steer him any other way. I am amazed. Sometimes just to have him get a book out requires pulling teeth. He is so smart...but he has his own agenda. And it doesn't always (most of the time) match mine.
So, anyway...anything new going on? I have barely run this week...blah. My hip was hurting a bit this week, so I am giving it a mild break. Icing my lower back which soothes the pain. This happened the last time I ran a 10k, so I am not surprised. Next week...back to working hard. Going to be working on getting race training until the fall. My goal is to drop my time by several that will take a lot of my energy.
We are prepping for our daughter's 16th birthday. Yes, I know...16??? Can't believe it. We are having a huge party for her on Sunday to celebrate. And then we are planning on taking her on a cruise! Yes, a cruise. To celebrate her. To let her know how much we care and love her. She really is a great girl and takes on a lot of responsibility as top girl of this crew. She deserves it.
I think that's all. Boring. Yes, a bit perhaps. I am headed out to breakfast this morning with my man. Good morning, everyone. Have a fantastic day!


Michelle Spanos said…
Boring? No way. 5 kids, homeschooling, running, blogging, I don't see anything boring there. Enjoy your cruise with your girl, what a special treat!

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