My Latest Reads

I brought these two book on the cruise with us last week. I almost bought them in the bookstore. I am such a sucker in the bookstore...I love books. I always have. I love to flip the pages and read on...letting the story unfold. I am totally a book junkie. Well, I didn't buy them because I am also frugal. So, I went to the library and looked for them. And I found them in there....score!!!!
Okay, so for you Downton crazies...the first book on the left is awesome. All the background stuff about the show. I loved it. Did you know that they rarely eat in the scenes in the dining room...because the shooting of that scene can take 10 hours and they would have to eat the same piece of chicken the whole time (can we say yucky salmonella)? I love all the background facts. And if you like Downton Abbey, then you will love this.
Also, I read the book Below Stairs. It's very cute. It's the story of a real servant like the ones who serve on Downton. It gives a real account of life below the stairs. It's a quick read, and for those who love history give it a try.
Sadly, we have to wait so many months for Downton to continue. I don't get into too many television shows. Not much time around here. But I love this one. I am slightly addicted. So, I will keep my eye out for books like these to keep the addiction cooled down. Happy Friday everyone!


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