Pleased to Meet You

The title says it all...I feel so distant from my blog. And I hate it. Life has been so busy lately, so I just haven't had time to post much. And I am sorry. And I know I will be sorry in the future because I like to look back at all the events of our life.
I briefly hinted before that we had something in the works around Bryn's 16th birthday. Well, that was a cruise that we had booked for her and a friend to celebrate her birthday.  The four of us went last Friday to Monday to the Bahamas on a Norwegian liner. And it was fabulous. It was fun to take her and celebrate her. She is so special and wonderful to us and this was the perfect way to celebrate the major milestone of a birthday. We had a blast being lazy on the beach down there and on the deck of the ship. It was super relaxing. Can't beat staring at crystal blue water while you drink a pina colada, right?
The worst part of the trip is coming home. All day Monday I washed clothes and got the house ready for the school week. Matt was starting to come down with a cold and Bryn wasn't feeling too hot either. I think they had a little too much food and party on the ship...their immune systems were down. Anyway, the week was just hard. Trying to keep up with work while feeling out of sorts. A friend mentioned to me that the time change probably made it hard too, which I probably agree with her. So, it was just a rough week. Lots to get done and not feeling like doing it. Blah.
Yesterday I went a local birth fair. I went with the company that I work for and it was a lot of fun. I love meeting with moms and their families. We made a lot of contacts and some possible it was totally worth it. I am working on my certification paperwork now, and I actually am waiting for a client to give birth (my first that I actually will get paid for). Matt is working super hard on a website for me. So, as soon as I have that done I will send it your way. I am so excited about this next stage of life for me. It is exciting and mysterious all at the same time.
Goodness, everything else is going good. We are having really good days with Caleb, which is awesome. Raising a child with special needs is difficult and unpredictable...but lately it has been super fabulous. The other boys are busy, busy, usual. Always building something, and then knocking it down...hahaha. The girls are good..just the same as always. I think the number one thing I say to them is to clean their room. Matt and I are very neat people, so I am not sure where these children came from :)
In one week we will be on spring break. Which I am looking forward to. School has been going well. We have been accomplishing a lot and pushing forward to the end of the year. This is our second year using Tapestry of Grace and I am still totally loving it. I actually am getting ready to buy next year's curriculum. The literature approach is totally my style and it works really well with the kids.
Running has been good, but different. After running the 10k with my sweet William, we took some days off to recover. Then I have been working with Esther on a 5k training in the evenings. I even got to run on the ship, which is so awesome. There is nothing like being out at sea and running....and the icing on the cake is watching the sun rise. It is so awesome. Anyway, so the running schedule has been a bit erratic. And now that the time changed, it has been hard since it is so dark in the morning. I got a good 3 miler in yesterday, which felt good. And I need to set my self up to work on speed work...that is my goal over the spring and part of the get faster.
I think that is all for now. Life has been busy, but that's normal, right? Planning a St. Patrick's day dinner tonight...some yummy traditional Irish dinner. And I found a yummy recipe for dessert on my favorite Pinterest. It is a cup of goodness...brownie on the bottom, then green pudding (really vanilla), then cool whip topped with an Andes candy. Super yummy. I will post a picture for you later :)


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