90 Days of Commitment

I had to take a moment to talk about Bryn. Ninety days ago, she came up to us and said that she had heard about some others wanting to take the ninety day challenge to read the whole bible through and she wanted to participate. We knew that this was a huge act, so we told her that it was a big commitment and if she chose to do this then she would have to complete it. We try to stay consistent on this issue...make a commitment then keep it! So, today is her day. She kept to her commitment and today is her day of completion!!! She read her whole, entire bible in 90 days at age 12!! Unbelievable in this day and age. There were days that were hard to keep, but she was so persistent. She kept her word, her promise. I am amazed that at this age she was able to do this. She pushed through the hard parts...I thought we were going to lose her in Deuteronomy...but she held on tight. So, today...my shout goes out to my Bryn!! Good job!!!


Wow! Very impressive!!! Especially through Leviticus and Numbers! And only 3 months at that. I've tried to do it in a year and am still trying! Congratulations, Bryn!
Amanda said…
WOW- You told us about this at the CO-OP. I remeber thinking to myself pray that for Sasa. Tell her we said Good job faithful servent.


Hi I'm Michelle said…
Amazing! Amazing! Huge accomplishment, way to go Bryn!!

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