Late Birthday Pictures

I wanted to post a few pictures from my birthday at Epcot. The picture of Bryn and I in front of the huge ball isn't coming through, so here are a few others from that day. Of course, we had a blast and it was a lot of fun spending one on one time with Bryn that day. With five kids, you don't get as much of that. I posted a picture of the pin they give you when you get in free for your was actually kind of cool, because you could recognize all the people other who were also celebrating their special day and all day long the workers at Disney say Happy by the end of day I think I was told about 200 times. They also give pins to your family and friends that say "I Am Celebrating." Bryn is wearing hers in the last picture posted. All in all, a great day. Something different...I am not a huge Disney fan, but we still had a great time!


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