I have been a sad poster lately. Life has been so busy with the kids, church and work...I don't get much time to sit down and write. It is six o'clock in the morning...I woke up and I was out of body can't change from the normal week my house is quiet, the kids and Matt are still sleeping. It is actually quite pleasant. My little William is at Nana and Pappap's house for the night...I missed his normal chatter last night. He was so sweet when he left. Nothing new going on here really. We are in the rhythm of school and that is going well. We have so far had an awesome school year...lots of work done and much progress. The weather has been incredibly hot, but today it is supposed to cool down. The temp outside is 63 degrees...better than yesterdays 76 degrees...and these are our lows. It is only supposed to be 74 degrees today...I have so been looking forward to fall...and it may be finally here! So, that's why I posted this picture...with the hope for my favorite season to be here. Will be back in a few days!


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