Pumpkin Time

I just had to post these pictures from yesterday. We went to our local pumpkin patch and picked out our pumpkins for the season. The kids were so excited and they had a great time selecting the perfect pumpkin for themselves. Judah is in the picture above...is he cute or what?
Here they all are after selecting their pumpkins. The patch had several varieties to choose from...orange, white, red and bumpy. It was fun picking out our favorites.

Here is Esther with her pumpkin and her favorite friend, Tiptop, the giraffe.

I love this picture. Two of my boys smiling and having a nice time. Their big smiles make my day!

We had a fabulous day on Saturday. We visited both of Matt's grandmothers, ate lunch with one of them...went shoe shopping in the late afternoon (where the clerk asked me, "do you watch all these kids all the time?" Where I replied, "yes, they are all mine!" They were behaving beautifully, but five kids can be overwhelming to anyone.) What a blessed day. We ended it with bath time and some soothing hot chocolate to enjoy the new cooler temps!!!


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